Honey Lemon (Glass Bottle) 470gm New Formula
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Made from natural honey and blended with lemon skin and pulps as it's main ingredients. 

Natural flower aroma and sweet sour taste to satisfy your craving for a refreshing healthy drink. 

Enjoy a bottle of Honey Lemon for a refreshing & healthier lifestyle 

 Packaging : Glass Bottle


 Ways to consume :
-As a recommendation for a refreshing beverage, it is suggested to dilute honey with RO water in a ratio of 30gm of honey to 300ml of water.
- Pour over yogurt or ice cream. 
- Use as jam on bread or pancakes.


 Nutritional Benefits :
- Skin whitening 
- Weight Loss 
- Oral Health & Hygiene 
- Regulate Blood Pressure


Storage Guideline :
- Store at room temperature, avoid direct heat & sunlight.

- Shelf life is 12 months & consume within 6 months for best quality.

 Diet Preference :

Diet Pref
Gluten Free
Diet Pref
Does not contain haram ingredients
Diet Pref
Diet Pref
Diet Pref
Suitable for Elders
Diet Pref
Suitable for Toddlers (1-4yrs)
Diet Pref
Suitable for Children (4-12yrs)
Diet Pref



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What's in the box
Packaging : Glass Bottle
Ingredients: Honey, Lemon Pulps & Lemon Peels
Net Weight (Honey Lemon) :470g
Total Weight (Honey Lemon & Glass Bottle ) : 900g
Shelf Life : 12 Months